Session 12. Monday Afternoon, April 30, 2012

SESSION 12. Monday Afternoon, April 30, 2012
13:37@skynewsgathererForensic scientist Ros Hammond now giving evidence
WITNESS: Ros Hammond
13:39@skynewsgathererMs Hammond is explaining that DNA on Gareth's hand was actually from fellow scientist. Error was only discovered on Feb 8 2012
13:48@skynewsgathererMs Hammond says it is first time she has come across this sort of error - it was mistake in manually inputting data into system
13:51@skynewsgathererScientist got a 3 and 5 mixed up. There are now automatic computer checks in place to prevent it happening again, inquest told
13:59@skynewsgathererThere's evidence from at least 2 other unaccounted for people in Gareth's flat, says scientist
14:00@skynewsgathererHowever Ms Hammond says DNA can last for weeks, even years
14:01@skynewsgathererBlood stain on bag and carpet came from Gareth, scientist tells inquest
14:02@skynewsgathererAll other DNA stains tested gave a profile which matched Gareth's inquest told
14:03@skynewsgathererThere was DNA on bag handles which was not Gareth's but no clear profile found, inquest told
14:13@skynewsgathererWitness says DNA tests on a towel are still ongoing which could prove helpful in a future criminal trial
14:14@skynewsgathererTests on towel will be concluded "within weeks" says Ms Hammond
14:18@skynewsgathererWitness says that if someone else locked the padlock, she would not necessarily expect to find their DNA
14:20@skynewsgathererDNA is transferred at a different level depending on circumstances, eg: whether hands had been recently washed and type of surface
14:22@skynewsgathererSteve Allen, who is responsible for running LGC forensics division, is now giving evidence
WITNESS: Steve Allen
14:24@skynewsgathererCoroner says the mistake in inputting data was an "error waiting to happen" and asks why safe guards were not in place
14:29@skynewsgathererGary Pugh, head of Met Police forensics, now up. He says DNA presented to court can be relied upon
WITNESS: Gary Pugh
14:33@skynewsgathererEvidence in Gareth Williams inquest now finished for today. Coroner says she hopes to give her verdict Wednesday
END OF SESSION 12. Monday Afternoon, April 30, 2012

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Session 11. Monday Morning, April 30, 2012

SESSION 11. Monday Morning, April 30, 2012
9:04@skynewsgathererGareth's body was removed from the bottom of the bag - not via the zipped opening
9:05@skynewsgathererTwo hairs were found on Gareth's thumb
9:08@skynewsgathererDr Swift says that if someone was already dead when moved there would be no bruising
WITNESS: Benjamin Swift
9:09@skynewsgathererDr Swift says that in cases of smothering there are often no marks left
9:11@skynewsgathererDr Swift found a 0.6cm bruise to left forearm, graze to left elbow and 0.7 graze to right elbow, and inner left eye socket
9:12@skynewsgathererDr Swift says injuries likely to have been caused after death due to position in the bag
9:14@skynewsgathererNo injuries in Gareth's neck, or head, there were 3 internal bruises to loin, elbow and right chest wall. No bruising around wrists
9:17@skynewsgathererDr Swift says injuries could have been caused accidentally. No signs of obvious poisoning
9:18@skynewsgathererNo obvious signs of natural disease
9:19@skynewsgathererPathologist: No significant traumatic injury, no injuries of offensive or defence nature, no sexual assault
9:20@skynewsgathererPathologist Dr Swift could not confirm cause of death
9:21@skynewsgathererPathologist tells coroner there we no signs from Gareth's finger tips that he tried to get out the bag
9:23@skynewsgathererCause of death could not be ascertained due to decomposition of Gareth's body, pathologist says
9:26@skynewsgathererFamily lawyer now asking questions about how decomposition affected results of PM. Inquest hears how the heating was on in August
9:27@skynewsgathererDr Swift refuses to speculate on what might have caused Gareth's death
9:29@skynewsgathererWhen pushed Dr says asphyxiation and poison were two 'foremost contenders' to be most likely cause of death
9:33@skynewsgathererExperienced pathologist Dr Ian Calder performed 2nd PM
WITNESS: Ian Calder
9:35@skynewsgathererDr Calder says he agrees with Dr Swift that if Gareth had been moved after death he wouldn't have sustained bruises
9:36@skynewsgathererDr Calder agrees that cause of death was 'unascertained'
9:40@skynewsgathererDr Calder explains that it's not so much the lack of oxygen in bag - but the build up of carbon dioxide
9:42@skynewsgathererCO2 makes people confused which would make someone 'fade away with no pain and increasing lack of awareness of environment' says witness
9:46@skynewsgathererDr Calder says 'very likely' cause of death was hypercapnia (too much carbon dioxide in blood)
9:54@skynewsgathererDr Richard Shepherd, acting for the coroner, now giving evidence. He agrees with other 2 pathologists
WITNESS: Richard Shepherd
9:55@skynewsgathererDr Shepherd found no patterns of injuries and no restraining injuries
9:56@skynewsgathererDr Shepherd says it would have been 'extremely difficult' to place a newly dead body into the bag
9:57@skynewsgathererDr Shepherd says a person 'playing dead' is not same as an actual dead body. His experience is that it would be 'very difficult process'
9:58@skynewsgathererDr says that if Gareth was alive going in bag he would have expected some 'gripping injuries'
9:59@skynewsgathererDr says it's more likely that Gareth was alive when he entered the bag than dead
10:01@skynewsgathererDr agrees 'mode of dying' was most likely carbon dioxide
10:03@skynewsgathererDr says two possibilities of cause of death were suffocation or poisoning
10:05@skynewsgathererInquest hears that although cause of death is unascertained Gareth's death is 'unnatural'
10:09@stone_skynewsPathologist says in his opinion Gareth Williams death was unnatural and caused either by poisoning or suffocation because of too much CO2
10:09@skynewsgathererDr Shepherd says it is possible that Gareth voluntarily got into the bag
10:11@skynewsgathererDr: Gareth would probably have been aware oxygen was running out but not known at what stage this would happen
10:13@skynewsgathererPathologist suggesting Gareth would have known air was running out but he may already have been too affected by Co2 to do anything about it
10:16@skynewsgathererTo sum up - on balance of probability Gareth was alive getting into bag and would have had some awareness, says witness
10:17@skynewsgathererOn balance of probability the mode of dying was hypercapnia but cause of death unascertained
10:25@skynewsgathererPathologists says the youngest & fittest can survive hypercapnia the longest
10:26@skynewsgathererInquest taking short break. Then will hear from forensic scientists on DNA evidence
10:58@skynewsgathererInquest resumes with evidence from coroner officer's Barry May
WITNESS: Barry May
10:59@skynewsgathererMr May was asked to investigate by previous coroner after family raised concerns about 2nd PM examination
11:02@skynewsgathererRequest for 2nd independent PM didn't follow protocol due to inexperience of a worker the coroner's office
11:07@skynewsgathererPolice, family and first pathologist weren't told of 2nd examination when they should have been
11:12@skynewsgathererInquest told of 'communication breakdown' in the former coroner's office in regard to 2nd PM examination
11:16@skynewsgathererStatement now from Tony Larkin, a scientist from forensic firm LGC. He looked of bloodstains, DNA and hairs
WITNESS: Tony Larkin
11:19@skynewsgathererMr Larkin found a spot of blood near lights switch and an 'aged' spot of blood on the floor
11:23@skynewsgathererMr Larkin says possible bloodstain on bag - but very weak result
11:24@skynewsgathererAlso weak blood spot on the padlock
11:26@skynewsgathererMr Larkin actually works for Met Police - witness list was incorrect
11:36@skynewsgathererInquest hears that an error in logging DNA means that Gareth's family thought there was evidence of 3rd party
11:37@skynewsgathererDNA was actually from another scientist - error was only found when case was reviewed
11:41@skynewsgathererInquest now adjourned until 2pm
END OF SESSION 11. Monday Morning, April 30, 2012

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Session 10. Friday Afternoon, April 27, 2012

SESSION 10. Friday Afternoon, April 27, 2012
14:41@tomskynewsInquest hears laptop belonging to Gareth Williams accessed Wikipedia page about bondage and had stored electronic images of a drag queen
14:50@skynewsgathererBack at inquest. Witness is DC Robert Burrows who examined Gareth's phones
WITNESS: Robert Burrows
14:55@skynewsgathererThere were no signs phone had been called on 17th Aug. (MI6 said they had tried to contact Gareth when he failed to show for work)
14:56@skynewsgathererPhone most used by Gareth was discovered in cabinet in living room. Again no calls made to it on 17+20 Aug
14:58@skynewsgathererWitness corrects himself and says 3 calls made to that number - all from intelligence services on 20th. None on 17th
15:04@skynewsgathererGareth accessed fetish clothing websites on one of his iPhones on Sept 15 2009
15:05@skynewsgathererA couple of days later he looked up a different fetish clothing website
15:06@skynewsgathererGareth only looked at a few fetish pages which made up 2% of browsing history. He mostly looked at cycling, weather, IT and fashion
15:08@skynewsgathererIn Oct 2009 there were multiple hits on 'self bondage' and fetish clothing websites on Gareth's phone
15:09@skynewsgathererDeleted data from a different phone shows Gareth looked up a different self bondage website
15:10@skynewsgathererBrowsing on Gareth's main phone shows that on aug 13 2010 a fetish clothing website was accessed
15:12@skynewsgathererOn work iPhone there was a link to a photo of model wrapped in plastic with vacuum cleaner sucking air out of plastic
15:12@skynewsgathererExpert says that there were no photos involving bags, but one of someone tied to bed
15:15@skynewsgathererImage found on one phone of someone who appears to be Gareth naked apart from pair of leather boots
15:17@skynewsgathererExpert says the browsing of bondage and fetish sites is inconsistent. The last sites accessed were from a cycling club
15:19@skynewsgathererOne iPhone found had been restored to factory settings, the phone was backed up on Aug 15. Can't say when wiped
15:21@skynewsgathererFamily lawyer asking if any correlation between Gareth looking at fetish sites and when Gareth was on SIS course
15:22@skynewsgathererExpert admits access to fetish sites are 'out of character' when compared to general browsing
15:25@skynewsgathererWitness on phone evidence has now finished. Statement now from Gareth's line manager at GCHQ
WITNESS: Gareth's line manager at GCHQ
15:28@skynewsgathererLine manager says Gareth seemed happy the last time he spoke with him
15:31@skynewsgathererInquest told that pathologists will give evidence on Monday
15:33@skynewsgathererInquest into death of Gareth Williams adjourned until 0930 Monday
15:37@tomskynewsInquest into death of MI6 officer Gareth Williams over now til Monday - report coming up on @skynews
15:39@skynewsgathererCoroner says verdict in Gareth Williams inquest expected on Wednesday
END OF SESSION 10. Friday Afternoon, April 27, 2012

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Session 9. Friday Morning, April 27, 2012

SESSION 9. Friday Morning, April 27, 2012
9:34@rachyoungerskyMorning. Covering inquest into death of MI6 officer Gareth Williams. Expecting demo of whether possible he locked himself inside bag
9:34@rachyoungerskyCoroner calls William MacKay who says nature of his work to investigate unusual occurrences in confined spaces
WITNESS: William MacKay
9:34@rachyoungerskyMacKay says v flexible young man who carried out reconstruction managed to get in to bag without help or instruction at first attempt
9:34@rachyoungerskyinquest shown film of how man did so - mackay explains how poss to lock bag first then manually make space to allow person to enter
9:34@rachyoungerskyMacKay then explains how found it to be impossible when attempted to lock bag after getting in
9:34@rachyoungerskyMacKay says unless individual manages to get into locked bag at very first attempt, pen used to manipulate zip would damage it
9:35@skynewsgathererFirst witness is William MacKay, who was asked by police to try and reconstruct getting into a bag
9:36@skynewsgathererMr MacKay, who has military background, also asked to investigate how well someone could breathe in closed bag
9:36@skynewsgathererInquest now watching DVD of someone in a bag like the one Gareth Williams was found in
9:36@skynewsgathererIt shows fingers pulling zip closed from the inside
9:36@skynewsgathererNext clip shows the bag locked from the outside before anyone gets in and then the zip forced open with a pen
9:36@skynewsgathererThe man then gets in and tries to close the zip behind him
9:36@skynewsgathererThe 3rd experiment was to try and lock the zip whilst inside the bag - it couldn't be done
9:36@skynewsgathererExperts says that if someone had got in after forcing the zip open - the zip was damaged when it was closed
9:39@skynewsgathererExpert says he tried experiments on the bag more than a 100 times
9:43@rachyoungerskyMacKay says only way to train for this would be with assistant or taking knife into bag with you. Coroner points out £700 bag to cut
9:44@skynewsgathererExpert essentially saying that to lock the bag from the inside the person would have needed 3 hands
9:46@skynewsgathererExperts found that due to lack of oxygen after a few mins they had to rest, the lock then dropped and they had to start it all again
9:47@rachyoungerskyMacKay showing court picture of lock and zip to show how 3 Actions needed: hold zip together, hold lock, lock bar but only 2 hands
9:50@skynewsgathererOne cord attached to the zipper was also in usual position - which the expert says would have made locking the bag even harder
9:50@rachyoungerskyMacKay says when they tried both he+assistant lost dexterity in fingers, had to rest momentarily, meant starting locking process anew
9:53@rachyoungerskyMacKay says Williams prowess as rock climber would mean tremendous power developed in his fingers which would have aided his ability
9:56@skynewsgathererInquest hears at times experts got reasonably close to locking bag - but thinks without a lot of training it couldn't be done
9:57@skynewsgatherer'There are people around that can do amazing things,' expert tells inquest
9:58@rachyoungerskyMacKay refuses to rule out possibility that Williams could have locked himself in to bag as found at scene using this scenario
10:00@skynewsgathererExpert has refused to rule out the possibility that Gareth Williams locked himself in the bag
10:05@skynewsgathererExpert says that if someone wanted to get out of the locked bag, 'with adrenaline running', they would find a way
10:06@skynewsgatherer'There would be an option of saving yourself,' says expert
10:06@rachyoungerskyMacKay showing video illustrating how possible once locked in to open zip small amount to greatly increase flow of oxygen
10:08@rachyoungerskyMacKay: We found it difficult to pull much further than this - I would offer if adrenalin kicked in you would find way to do it
10:11@skynewsgathererExpert says someone of Gareth Williams size would have had no problem getting into the bag
10:12@rachyoungerskyMacKay shows still of best position to be in bag to get out, points out on side ideal. "This was not the position he was found in"
10:16@skynewsgathererExpert says he has lost sleep trying to work out why the zip cord was in unusual position
10:22@rachyoungerskyinquest shown still of experts elbow area with red patches - if enough attempts made "should be red area on skin"
10:27@skynewsgathererExpert tested whether he could breathe in the bag by getting in it in a swimming pool
10:32@skynewsgathererMr MacKay now answering questions from family lawyer. Expert confirms he never managed to lock himself in bag unaided
10:34@rachyoungerskyunder questioning from family lawyer MacKay clarifies neither he nor assistant ever managed to lock themselves in to bag
10:38@skynewsgathererMr MacKay saying that if someone wanted to survive they could have opened bag from the inside
10:47@rachyoungerskyMacKay says if you were an escapologist you would pull it (the bag) open, grab the key and everyone would be amazed
10:55@tomskynewsThe footage of the tests to see if it was possible for a person to lock themselves into a holdall coming up shortly on @skynews
10:57@tomskynewsConclusion of first "bag expert" is that is was very very difficult for someone to lock themselves into holdall but couldn't rule it out
11:08@skynewsgathererSecond bag expert now giving evidence. It's Peter Faulding, who is similar size to Gareth Williams
11:09@rachyoungerskynext bag expert Peter Faulding (apt name!) now describing how he climbed into a similar bag
WITNESS: Peter Faulding
11:10@skynewsgathererMr Faulding, placed a bag similar to the one found a flat, in a bath and tried to get in it
11:11@skynewsgathererDVD shows Mr Faulding lying on his back, on the bag, and trying to manoeuvre himself in
11:12@skynewsgathererDVD shows Mr Faulding struggling to get in, he touches bath, tiles and rests feet on the taps in process
11:13@skynewsgathererMr Faulding says he wants to make it clear that it would dangerous to attempt to 'try this at home'
11:15@rachyoungerskyPeter Faulding, expert whose name you couldnt make up, shows DVD contorting himself into bag. Tells press to warn public not to try it
11:17@rachyoungerskyyou can see footage inquest has been watching on sky news now as coroner has released it to media
11:18@skynewsgathererExpert says that being in a bath made the bag harder to get into. Once in, temperature rose fast
11:21@skynewsgathererMr Faulding says he can't say it's impossible to lock the bag from the inside but 'even Houdini would struggle with this one'
11:23@skynewsgathererWhen pushed Mr Faulding says it would have been impossible for Gareth to get into the bag, in the bath, unaided without leaving any marks
11:26@skynewsgathererMr Faulding says that one person could have easily lifted the bag with Gareth's body into the bath without leaving marks
11:27@skynewsgathererMr Faulding says that it would have been very, very easy to put Gareth into the bag if he was unconscious or dead
11:29@skynewsgathererMr Faulding says that if the key had just dropped from the padlock it would be unlikely to have ended up where it did
11:32@skynewsgathererExperiment on oxygen levels in the bag showed that amount of oxygen decreased rapidly after 5 mins
11:33@skynewsgathererOxygen level dropped to just 17%
11:34@skynewsgathererMr Faulding thinks that Gareth could have survived a maximum of 30 mins in the bag
11:35@skynewsgathererMr Faulding says it would be impossible to get into bag in scenario Gareth found in
11:36@skynewsgathererExpert: 'Why would you climb into bag in the bath?.... I believe he was placed in the bag by a 3rd party'
11:38@skynewsgathererExpert tells Gareth Williams inquest that he believes Gareth was placed in bag by 3rd party
11:40@skynewsgathererInquest adjourned while officers prepare 999 call tape for the court. Back at 2pm
END OF SESSION 9. Friday Morning, April 27, 2012

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Session 8. Thursday Afternoon, April 26, 2012

SESSION 8. Thursday Afternoon, April 26, 2012
13:13@skynewsgathererCoroner is dealing with a couple of other inquests before continuing with investigation into death of Gareth Williams
13:17@skynewsgathererStephen Gale now called to give evidence in Gareth Williams inquest
WITNESS: Stephen Gale
13:18@skynewsgathererMr Gale is retired GCHQ officer. He was director of strategy who liaised with Whitehall and looked after HR and personal security
13:20@skynewsgathererMr Gale says he had no personal connection to Gareth and is here to represent GCHQ
13:25@skynewsgathererGareth had attended two 'Black Hat' technical security conferences in Las Vegas in August 2008 and July 2010, inquest hears
13:26@skynewsgathererMr Gale says he doesn't know whether members of criminal fraternity also attend the security conferences
13:27@skynewsgathererMr Gales says the conferences are still deemed as low risk. The same as working in the UK
13:29@skynewsgathererMr Gales says Gareth returned to UK on Aug 11th and visited London office on Thursday 12th
13:30@stone_skynewsDetail now on conference in Las Vegas which Gareth Williams attended 2 weeks before he was found dead
13:30@skynewsgathererGareth was given secondment to SIS in late 2008 after his first application in 2007 was turned down
13:32@stone_skynewsInquest hearing now from Stephen Gale, retired GCHQ officer, was Director of Strategy, liaised w/ Whitehall, dealt with personal security
13:32@skynewsgathererGareth won two awards during his career. One posthumously in 2010 for technical work
13:34@skynewsgathererThe other for work done in 2009 which was for a particular programme described as a 'Herculean effort for an extraordinary team'
13:34@stone_skynewsInquest hears that Gareth Williams team won an award for "a Herculean effort by an extraordinary team" in cryptology. A very bright man
13:36@skynewsgathererGareth was a GC10 which is graduate entry grade. He quickly progressed to GC9. The post at SIS was GC8. He got an 11% increase in pay
13:37@skynewsgathererGale says that GCHQ paid for the rent on Gareth's flat as part of the deal in moving to London
13:37@skynewsgathererMr Gale says that the 20k of women's clothes would have taken up a large chunk of salary even for someone with no rent or car to pay for
13:45@skynewsgathererMr Gale confirms that leave is agreed verbally with boss and then formalised on card for HR records
13:50@skynewsgathererGCHQ confirms it pays accommodation but allows staff to choose it. It recommends that they use approved lettings agency
13:51@skynewsgathererGareth's flat was rented under same terms as other staff. It was chosen by him. GCHQ does not chose or inspect accommodation
13:52@skynewsgathererMr Gale confirms that Gareth's flat was not a safe house
13:56@skynewsgathererFrom pervious job ads looks like a GC08 grade GCHQ worker gets just under 40k a year. Gareth spent 20k on women's clothes
14:02@skynewsgathererWitness confirms that GCHQ did not conduct any investigations into death and said it was a matter for the police
14:17@skynewsgathererMr Gale confirms there were no leaks to the media following Gareth's death from GCHQ
14:17@skynewsgathererNo investigation was carried out by GCHQ about possible leaks to the media, Mr Gale
14:20@skynewsgathererMr Gale has finished his evidence. Next up is Denise Stanworth, a toxicologist
WITNESS: Denise Stanworth
14:22@skynewsgathererMs Stanworth is a forensic scientist from private firm LGC, she looked at blood, liver and body fluid samples
14:23@skynewsgathererCourt hears how Gareth's hair was also examined for any drug use before his death - it tested negative
14:25@skynewsgathererInquest hears how 'extensive' analysis was done on Gareth including tests for poison
14:25@skynewsgathererGareth's blood contained alcohol and GHB
14:27@skynewsgathererAlcohol level was 78/100ml, which is consistent with the body having produced it. Inquest hears
14:29@skynewsgathererThe drug GHB was also found in Gareth's urine
14:31@skynewsgathererGHB in blood could have naturally occurred after death. Had it been taken before death scientist thinks levels would be higher
14:33@skynewsgatherer'Ingestion of GHB cannot be ruled out but I think it would be unlikely,' says witness
14:37@skynewsgathererGareth also had low levels of codeine in blood but scientist says he would not have been under any influence of painkiller
14:39@skynewsgathererGareth's body was tested for cyanide and a range of other poisons - all negative
14:43@skynewsgathererScientist can't rule out certain drugs being used given Gareth may have been dead for 9 days before PM examination
14:45@skynewsgathererScientist says she can't rule out use of 'poppers' because of amount of time passed before tests
14:53@skynewsgathererScientist says toxicology for volatile drugs after 9 days is 'not that reliable'. Would be reliable for some drugs though
14:54@skynewsgathererScientist says the use of an unusual poison cannot be ruled out but is unlikely
14:56@skynewsgathererFamily lawyer now questioning forensic scientist
14:59@skynewsgathererInquest hears that being in the bag, with the heating on in August, would have accelerated decomposition
15:31@skynewsgathererInquest resumes. Next will be read statement of Dr Jennifer Miller, a stomach contents analysis
STATEMENT FROM: Jennifer Miller
15:35@skynewsgathererScientist suggests Gareth ate the peppered steak he had bought before he died
15:37@skynewsgathererGareth was likely to have died between 3 to 5 hours after he ate the steak
15:46@skynewsgathererEnd of today's evidence in the inquest. Tomorrow we expect to hear from a 'bag expert' and possibly DNA experts
END OF SESSION 8. Thursday Afternoon, April 26, 2012

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Session 7. Thursday Morning, April 26, 2012

SESSION 7. Thursday Morning, April 26, 2012
8:37@skynewsgathererBack to inquest with @skymartinbrunt and @Stone_SkyNews. Expect to hear from more SIS staff
8:42@skymartinbruntUnexplained delay at start of today's hearing
8:42@skynewsgathererDelay to start of Gareth Williams inquest. Media not allowed into the annexe
8:47@skymartinbruntHearing about to start. Screens up to hide spook witnesses we are not allowed to identify
8:49@skynewsgathererAllowed back into the media room. Blue screens still up in court to protect identity of next witness called SIS F
8:52@skymartinbruntFirst witness is MI6 woman officer known as 'F'
8:52@skynewsgathererSIS F had no contact with Gareth - but is here to represent secret service, inquest told
8:53@skynewsgathererWitness says SIS first became aware of Gareth's death on evening of 23rd
8:54@skymartinbruntShe never met Gareth but knows all about him from MI6 files
8:55@skymartinbruntshe says no MI6 officers went into his flat before or after body discoverd. Nor did counter terror cops or other agencies
8:55@skynewsgathererWitness says no MI6 officers went into the flat before or after the discovery of Gareth's body
8:57@skymartinbruntNo evidence spooks involved in cover up of his death
8:58@stone_skynewsThe Gareth Williams inquest now hearing from witness known only as SIS F, out of sight behind screen. The female is MI6 Intelligence officer
8:59@skymartinbruntGareth originally rejected in bid to move on secondment to MI6. Later successful
8:59@stone_skynewsSIS F had never met Gareth Williams. She is here to provide more information about his professional life. Perhaps more info on what he did?
9:01@stone_skynewsSIS F says she has "no knowledge" of any cover-up by MI6 & that a cover-up would be outside MI6 remit anyway. Gareth Williams
9:01@skymartinbruntGareth was highly skilled with an able technical brain
9:04@skymartinbruntZero risk to him from contact with MI6 recruited agents. His work did not require him to dress in women's clothing says witness
9:04@stone_skynewsSIS F says Gareth Williams work did not involve him having to dress in women's clothing. (£20,000 of women's clothes found at flat)
9:11@skynewsgathererMI6 witnesses telling inquest about courses and training Gareth received
9:12@skynewsgathererGareth had failed a course on operational deployment because 'he didn't reach the standards required'
9:12@skynewsgathererGareth then retook the course and passed. Tutor had said his improvement had been 'immense'
9:13@skynewsgathererGareth only worked operationally in the UK. He had never travelled to Russia or Afghanistan as suggested in media
9:14@stone_skynewsSIS F says that media reports suggesting that Gareth Williams had been to Afghanistan & Russia are wrong. He had never been to either
9:16@skynewsgathererGareth was carrying out work with low level of risk, says MI6 witness. He was not trained or experienced enough to work overseas
9:20@skymartinbruntQuite rare for GCHQ staff to leave MI6 secondment early
9:22@skymartinbruntMI6 very satisfied with Gareth's work
9:22@stone_skynewsThe inquest is hearing about Gareth Williams professional life now, but the crux of the whole case remains whether he could have locked himself in the bag
9:22@stone_skynewsThe cop in charge of the investigation - which remains open - says the key question is could Gareth Williams have locked himself into the holdall
9:22@skynewsgathererWitness describes Gareth as a fully deployable highly talented officer. No evidence he had been pulled off job
9:22@skynewsgathererQuestions now turn to where Gareth was living
9:23@skynewsgathererThe flat was let through a GCHQ approved letting agency. It was not a 'safe house' says witness
9:23@skymartinbruntHis flat was not MI6 safe house says witness
9:24@stone_skynewsCoroner asks SIS F if Gareth Williams flat in Pimlico was a 'safe house' as some speculation has suggested. "It was not" says SIS F
9:25@skymartinbruntHe made very substantial contribution to MI6 work
9:26@skynewsgathererGareth was a very pleasant individual, but intensely private and not someone who workmates would socialise with, says witness
9:28@skymartinbruntMI6 colleagues found him good colleague but intensely private and didn't socialise with them even in shared interests
9:29@skymartinbruntNo concerns over his vetting. He was considered low risk
9:32@skymartinbruntCoroner asks if MI6 staff should report contact with anyone from Kurdistan. Witness said she couldn't answer that
9:33@skynewsgathererWitness now explaining vetting process. Gareth raised no issues prior to his death
9:34@stone_skynewsHints again of restrictions to Gareth Williams inquest. SIS F hesitates before answering question about countries which could be threat to UK
9:34@skynewsgathererMI6 officer says Gareth had no requirement to tell SIS about his interest in clothes or his design course
9:35@skynewsgathererWitness says she can't answer whether Gareth should have told SIS if he had contact with someone from Kurdistan
9:36@skynewsgathererMI6 officer says she can't answer whether Gareth should have told his friends that he used different names
9:37@skynewsgathererGareth made small number of unauthorised searches of SIS database, inquest told
9:37@skymartinbruntGareth did some unauthorised database searches. Not unheard of
9:38@skynewsgathererMI6 officers says this happens from time to time and can often be explained
9:40@skynewsgathererWitness says that if Gareth was doing something against policy, and 3rd party knew about, they could put pressure on him
9:40@stone_skynewsSIS F explains that MI6 officers must tell manager if they develop friendship with individuals from countries seen as a threat to UK
9:40@stone_skynewsCoroner asks whether friendship with an individual from US would require clearance..
9:40@stone_skynewsSIS F says she's not sure if she can answer it. Pauses. Then says no - US friendship would not require clearance
9:40@stone_skynewsCoroner then asks about friendship with individual from Kurdistan. Would officer have to tell bosses about that. SIS F says she can't answer
9:40@skynewsgathererWitness doesn't believe though that unauthorised searches put Gareth at risk
9:41@skymartinbruntNo evidence his unauthorised database searches were known to any hostile third party or were related to his death
9:42@skynewsgathererInquest heard earlier in week that Gareth may have had contact with man from Kurdistan through friend Elizabeth Guthrie
9:43@skynewsgathererMI6 witness tells inquest that she had no reason to think death of Gareth Williams was connected to his work
9:44@skymartinbruntMI6 review a year after his death concluded his death not connected with his work says witness
9:48@skymartinbruntNo threat to Gareth from any foreign intel service or agency and he hadn't been recognised or targeted by anyone
9:48@stone_skynewsCoroner asks whether SIS thought any foreign Intel organisation represented a threat to Gareth Williams. Witness SIS F says "No"
9:50@skynewsgathererWitness admits it 'clearly took far too long' to report Gareth missing. She says it was because policies were not communicated properly
9:51@skymartinbruntWitness says MI6 took far too long to check in him when he didn't turn up at work a week before body found
9:52@skynewsgathererWitness F says Gareth's boss should have told line manager and welfare department he had not shown up for work
9:53@stone_skynewsCoroner asks what comment SIS has for fact that Gareth Williams was not reported meeting for a week. SIS F: "It clearly took far too long"
9:53@stone_skynewsSIS F: "There were processes & policies in place. Clearly they were not followed. They haven't been communicated & trained strongly enough."
9:53@stone_skynewsWitness SIS F is strongly suggesting that Gareth Williams line manager, Witness G, failed to follow procedure for when officer is missing
9:53@skynewsgathererWitness says there should be 'greater clarity between GCHQ and SIS' about who is responsible for employees
9:54@skynewsgathererCoroner says she struggles to understand how a team which is supposed to be 'first class' didn't know what each other were doing
9:55@skymartinbruntCoroner says she struggling to understand how high-tech team didn't use electronic diary to know what exactly each other was doing
9:56@skynewsgathererCoroner says there's evidence of a complete break down in communication in relation to Gareth. MI6 witness agrees
9:56@skymartinbruntCoroner says there was complete breakdown of communication at MI6 over Gareth's absence
9:57@skynewsgathererFamily lawyer now asking about whether aspects of Gareth's private life would 'render him unsuitable for SIS work'
9:58@skynewsgathererWitness says vetting looks at 'trustworthiness and reliability - not about lifestyle or sexual preferences or choices which are legitimate'
10:00@skymartinbruntAnyone can have sex and lifestyle preferences and it's up to them to discuss it with vetting team for assessment
10:04@stone_skynewsFamily lawyer asks about vetting for Gareth Williams - SIS F says she can't specifically comment on vetting for Gareth
10:06@stone_skynewsFamily lawyer refers to suggestions in media (about Gareth Williams' possible sexual preferences) which could render him "unusable for SIS"
10:06@stone_skynewsSIS F says vetting looks at 'trustworthiness and reliability' - not lifestyle, sexual preferences or choices which are legitimate
10:06@skynewsgathererMI6 says they understood Gareth's reasons for wanting to leave London and go back to GCHQ
10:08@skynewsgathererFamily lawyer now asking again about Gareth's flat - letting agents told lawyer the tenant was 'secretary of state'
10:12@skynewsgathererFamily lawyer asks whether it would be fairer to say searches of database we 'unexplained' rather than 'unauthorised'. Witness agrees
10:13@skynewsgathererMI6 witness says the agency didn't launch its own investigation into Gareth's death as it was clearly a matter for police
10:16@skynewsgathererWitness says SIS are 'profoundly sorry' for delay in finding Gareth. Delay meant limited forensic evidence gathered from body
10:17@skynewsgathererImpact of Gareth's death means that everyone at SIS are now aware of responsibilities, says witness
10:18@skynewsgathererWitness also acknowledges that delay in finding Gareth made it even harder for his family
10:18@skymartinbruntWitness accepts delays in investigating his absence frustrated police investigation and caused more grief for family
10:18@stone_skynewsWitness SIS F: "MI6 are profoundly sorry about what happened [delay in reporting Gareth Williams missing] It shouldn't have happened."
10:18@stone_skynewsWitness SIS F: "We recognise the delay in finding Gareth Williams body has made it harder to come to terms with his death."
10:19@skynewsgathererInquest adjourned as family breaks down after hearing no disciplinary action was taken against Gareth's boss
10:20@skymartinbruntFamily member walks out in flood of tears as lawyer accuses Gareth Boss of total disregard for his welfare and safety in not reporting absence
10:20@stone_skynewsFamily of Gareth Williams leave court in tears as SIS F says no disciplinary action taken against officer who failed to report him missing
10:20@skynewsgathererGareth's boss, witness G, took a week to report him missing, the inquest heard yesterday
10:21@skymartinbruntInquest briefly adjourns because of family distress
10:22@stone_skynewsFamily lawyer for Gareth Williams had suggested that Witness G - who failed to report him missing - had "total disregard for his welfare"
10:23@stone_skynewsThis whole inquest must be extremely hard for Gareth Williams family. Every possible aspect of his personal & professional live is examined
10:24@skymartinbruntFamily lawyer says police investigation was defeated by MI6 failure to report Gareth's absence
10:25@skymartinbruntWitness says alarm should have been raised within two to four hours. It took eight days
10:26@skymartinbruntWitness says no disciplinary action was taken against Gareth's boss for not reporting his absence early as he should have done
10:31@skynewsgathererMI6 says they did not leak information to the media that Gareth looked up bondage websites
10:33@skymartinbruntWitness denies MI6 leaked to media details of Gareths computer searches of bondage websites
10:34@skynewsgathererMI6 witness says that if the police had asked for written signed witness statements they would have obliged
10:36@skymartinbruntWitnees denies anyone interfered with any of Gareth's electronic devices before handing to police
10:37@skynewsgathererMI6 confirms that all electronic devices used by Gareth were made available to police
10:37@skynewsgathererMI6 says that no one from agency entered Gareth's flat between 16+23 Aug
10:37@stone_skynewsWe still don't know categorically whether info about Gareth Williams looking at bondage websites is true or not. Discussed, not confirmed
10:39@skymartinbruntWitness says no spooks went into his flat between his first work absence and body discovery eight days later
10:39@skynewsgathererSIS F witness now finished. She is the last anonymous witness. Screens now being taken down. Inquest resumes at 1200
10:46@stone_skynewsAnonymous witnesses in Gareth Williams inquest done now. Courtroom screens removed. Next up: HR manager at GCHQ & another GCHQ employee
10:47@skymartinbruntScreens have been removed for the next witness who will begin evidence at 12 noon
11:13@skynewsgathererHelen Yelland from GCHQ now giving evidence. She was approached by Gareth's line manager at GCHQ on 20/08/10
WITNESS: Helen Yelland
11:18@skynewsgatherer'There was some confusion as to who was taking what checks,' says HR witness, when asked about when Gareth went missing
11:25@skynewsgathererMs Yelland says she had no info about Gareth's state of mind - police were told he had been "pulled off job and could have taken it badly"
11:28@skynewsgathererMs Yelland spoke to Gareth's sister at 1645 on 23rd to tell her she had reported Gareth missing
11:30@skynewsgathererChecks should have been made to find Gareth very shortly after he was expected at work, says GCHQ HR worker
11:49@skynewsgathererMet Police lawyer now questioning Ms Yelland
11:50@skynewsgathererAsking about call made by Ms Yelland to the police. Police summarise info in what's called a CAD report
11:52@skynewsgathererReport says that Gareth was last spoken to on 13th Aug and that his sister was due to stay with him
11:54@skynewsgathererCAD report says "He was recently pulled off a job and informant is concerned he has taken this badly"
11:55@skynewsgatherer"Who told you he had been pulled off job and had taken it badly?" asks lawyer
11:56@skynewsgathererMs Yelland replies that she could have interpreted Gareth's request to return to GCHQ as being taken off job. Though admits odd language
12:01@skynewsgathererInquest into death of Gareth Williams has been adjourned for lunch. Back at 2pm
END OF SESSION 7. Thursday Morning, April 26, 2012

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Session 6. Wednesday Afternoon, April 25, 2012

SESSION 6. Wednesday Afternoon, April 25, 2012
12:37@skynewsgathererInquest into death of Gareth Williams delayed until 2.15pm
13:16@skynewsgathererFurther delays - Inquest into death of Gareth Williams is now being held in private
13:33@skynewsgathererHave been allowed back into the media annexe. Large blue scenes across the whole of the court
13:36@skynewsgathererScreens protecting the identity of the first witness from MI6. S/he has been referred to only as 'K'
WITNESS: Witness K
13:39@skynewsgathererCoroner apologies for delays and says 'a lot of work has been done'
13:40@skynewsgathererWitness K worked with Gareth Williams in Cheltenham. He last saw him on a work trip to a conference in Las Vegas
13:41@skynewsgathererThey would spend the days at the conference, and on a couple of evenings when they went out
13:41@skynewsgathererWitness K said he didn't know Gareth Williams very well and only knew him in a work capacity
13:42@skynewsgathererMost of the workmates would go out every night. Gareth only went out twice
13:44@skynewsgathererGareth told 'K' he was going to stay on in the USA to do some hiking and climbing. K didn't notice anything unusual about behaviour
13:48@skynewsgathererK was due to have a work meeting with Gareth on August 20 2010. It was confirmed in last email exchange on Aug 13
13:49@skynewsgathererK waited a while but then another colleague suggested they should try ring the numbers they had for Gareth
13:51@skynewsgathererThe meeting was 3 days before police were alerted by his family that Gareth was missing
13:53@skynewsgathererK wasn't aware that Gareth had not been in work all week
13:55@skynewsgathererK made two statements to the police but was never asked to check and sign the copies they drafted
13:56@skynewsgathererK says that whilst seconded to MI6 Gareth would have been on a higher pay scale
13:58@skynewsgathererK waited around 2 hours for Gareth, and left it with his colleague that Gareth had not turned up for the meeting
13:59@skynewsgathererInquest hears that Gareth was a member of a four man team. K got no explanation as to where Gareth was
14:02@stone_skynewsThe Gareth Williams inquest is now hearing from Witness K - a work colleague of his from GCHQ in Cheltenham. He had been due to meet him
14:02@stone_skynewsWitness K says that he came to London for meeting with Gareth Williams on 20/8/10 @ MI6 HQ. Gareth didn't turn up. Was found dead on 23/8/10
14:03@skynewsgathererK says it was unexpected that Gareth had not turned but - but that sometimes 'people don't turn up for meetings'
14:04@skynewsgathererWhen K returned to Cheltenham he let his line manager know that Gareth had failed to turn up
14:10@skynewsgathererWitness F now called. He worked at GCHQ and had been given Gareth's number about a flat
WITNESS: Witness F
14:12@skynewsgathererF called Gareth on Aug 12 on the internal work phone system and arranged to meet him on Aug 16th at 7pm
14:15@skynewsgathererF arrived late to view Gareth's flat after getting the address wrong. He pressed the buzzer but no response
14:16@skynewsgathererCommunal door was on the latch so F pushed it open and went to Gareth's front door. There was no response
14:18@skynewsgathererF assumed he had arrived too late and wrote Gareth a note on a flyer. He tried to contact Gareth the next day
14:20@skynewsgathererF made further attempts to contact Gareth and called his supervisor - thought to be witness G
14:24@skynewsgathererFamily barrister now questioning witness. Confirms again that statements in 2010 were not written and signed
14:28@skynewsgathererSo MI6 aware that Gareth had missed 2 meetings (16&20Aug) with GCHQ staff - his body not found til family reported him missing
14:36@skynewsgathererWitness G now giving evidence. He had been Gareth's manager at SIS since August 2009
WITNESS: Witness G
14:39@skynewsgathererG managed Gareth's day to day tasks at SIS but Gareth still had a boss at GCHQ
14:40@skynewsgathererG explaining that he worked with Gareth and 2 others as a team. They all worked in a small office
14:42@skynewsgathererThe team worked in a flexible way with each member looking after their own tasks. Work described as being 'irregular'
14:44@skynewsgathererG says that Gareth was able to work 'operationally' and had performed some operational duties including one trip abroad - to USA
14:46@skynewsgathererTrip to US described as a wind down from SIS work and more in preparation for return to GCHQ in Cheltenham
14:49@skynewsgathererGareth's boss describes him as a quiet intellectual, a very private person. The team used to go out but Gareth rarely did
14:50@skynewsgathererG knew little about Gareth outside work apart from their shared interest in running and cycling
14:53@skynewsgathererG said there were no indication that Gareth was not happy at work apart from that he had failed a test, which he later passed
14:54@skynewsgathererG says Gareth was frustrated with the amount of 'risk mitigation' and paperwork associated with operational duties
14:55@skynewsgathererG says Gareth was good at the technical side of the job and wanted to get back to it
14:58@skynewsgathererG says that he could have been in the office on August 13 with Gareth but doesn't remember seeing him
15:01@skynewsgathererQ: 'Did Gareth ever not turn up for work when he was expected to do so?' A: No
15:02@skynewsgathererG not concerned when Gareth didn't show by 10am - but thought he had had trouble with the trains
15:03@skynewsgathererGareth had never failed to show up before - even when he had been late
15:04@skynewsgathererOn 3pm Aug 16 Gareth had a meeting with another colleague, inquest hears (That's now 3 missed meetings)
15:06@skynewsgathererCoroner: 'If I didn't turn up for my job people would have wondered where I was'
15:07@skynewsgathererG said he took no action. In hindsight he said he should have taken more action and 'escalated it.'
15:09@skynewsgathererQ: What action did you take? A: I made some calls to his landline
15:09@skynewsgathererWhen G didn't get answer he thought that Gareth must have been packing. He didn't check with GCHQ. Says in hindsight he should have done
15:12@skynewsgathererAppears that even though Gareth had failed to turn up at work his boss at MI6 did not try to contact his family or friends
15:13@skynewsgathererG checked if Gareth was logged on to the work system to see if he was logged in on Aug 17
15:14@skynewsgathererQ: Did that raise or lower your concern? A: It didn't change my concern
15:15@skynewsgathererG says his thoughts were that Gareth had forgotten to tell him he would be out the officer - or that he had told him and he had forgotten
15:16@skynewsgathererG then went on operations and was out of the office. He didn't pass details of Gareth's absence on to anyone
15:17@skynewsgathererG back at work on 23rd and Gareth was still not in the office. He tried phone but no response. So he visited his flat
15:20@skynewsgathererG visited Gareth's flat on his why out. He only pressed flat 4 buzzer and didnt try the neighbours
15:21@skynewsgathererQ: Did you seek any advice on what you should do? A: Yes, I got a list of suggested actions
15:22@skynewsgathererThese actions including leaving a note, ringing the phone and contacting local hospitals. G did not contact the hospitals
15:23@skynewsgathererG did not try to contact Gareth over the weekend. (apologises flat visit was 20th not 23rd)
15:24@skynewsgathererG expected Gareth to just turn up at work on Monday morning. He admits it was just a gut feeling and he had no evidence
15:25@skynewsgathererIt was only when Gareth didn't show up on Monday that G became worried. He went round to his flat at 10.30 but didn't get in
15:26@skynewsgathererG then reported Gareth missing to his line manager and GCHQ. He also looked for a spare set of keys for Gareth's flat
15:27@skynewsgathererAppears it took Gareth's boss at MI6 a WEEK to report him missing
15:28@skynewsgathererG then called Gareth's sister Ceri after first trying to contact his father. This was now the afternoon of 23rd
15:36@skynewsgathererThe risk to SIS staff working out of London was low, inquest told
15:37@skynewsgathererAgain witness G was not asked by police to witness and sign written statement taken at time when events were fresh in memory
15:41@skynewsgathererDuring questions from family lawyer G admits he had never had a day off sick and never missed a meeting
15:51@skynewsgathererWitness G says he can't remember, which or how many numbers, he tried for Gareth
15:57@skynewsgathererG says in hindsight he should have told someone about Gareth's absence before he had a day off
16:06@skynewsgatherer'You hadn't seen Gareth for a week. Had no communication... why didn't you just break in?' Asks family lawyer
16:08@skynewsgatherer'What concerns the family is that Gareth was in a profession in which there are risks,' says lawyer
16:08@skynewsgathererG: 'There is nothing to indicate that Gareth was at risk at that time.'
16:14@skynewsgathererG says he doesn't know if anyone from SIS/GCHQ entered flat between 16+23 aug?
16:15@skynewsgathererWhen asked if he had acted as a responsible manager G says that in hindsight he would have done things differently
16:16@skynewsgathererG says corporate procedure is in place and was in 2010 for someone going missing. He can't remember what it is
16:17@skynewsgathererFamily lawyer says that given the circumstances it should be tattooed on his heart
16:23@skynewsgathererEnd of fascinating 3rd day of evidence in inquest into death of Gareth Williams. More SIS staff tomorrow
END OF SESSION 6. Wednesday Afternoon, April 25, 2012

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