Session 14. Tuesday Afternoon, May 1, 2012

SESSION 14. Tuesday Afternoon, May 1, 2012
12:39@skynewsgathererInquest into death of Gareth Williams resumes after lunch break. Not surprisingly Supt Michael Broster is back
WITNESS: Michael Broster
12:42@skynewsgathererSupt led search at MI6 building. He says he didn't search himself but when cabinet was opened iPhone was 'immediately obvious'
12:44@skynewsgathererSupt Broster confirms he seized iPhone from cabinet on Gareth's office at MI6
12:48@skynewsgathererSupt Broster says he can't remember if cabinet was sealed on his first visit to Gareth's office on 26th
12:50@skynewsgathererSupt Broster says he played no part in search. That was done by earlier witness DC Hall
12:52@skynewsgathereriPhone seized by Supt Broster was not put in exhibits bag until it was back at Scotland Yard
12:54@skynewsgathererCoroner: "Did you tell DC Hall you had seized it so it could be noted in log?" Broster: "I can't recall, it maybe that I neglected do that,"
12:57@skynewsgathererThe cabinet was used by Gareth and his colleagues. Gareth's possessions were mainly found on 2nd shelf
12:59@skynewsgathererSupt Broster says he was only told of the black bag after he had returned NSY. He didn't notice it during search of office
13:01@skynewsgathererSupt Broster confirms that no inventory made of Gareth's possessions at office. He says only relevant items should be seized
13:02@skynewsgathererCoroner asking how DC Hall should identify "relevant" items
13:03@skynewsgathererSupt being asked about 9 memory sticks - which murder squad not told about
13:04@skynewsgathererSupt Broster says memory cards were not brought to his attention at time of first search
13:06@skynewsgathererSupt Broster says they were first identified in an inventory created by SIS in Sept 2011
13:07@skynewsgathererA second inventory had list of 30 different sorts of things from Gareth's box folder. One just says misc items
13:08@skynewsgathererSupt Broster admits these inventories were not shared with senior investigating officer. He did not know what misc items were
13:09@skynewsgathererSupt Broster says had he given these to murder squad team it wouldn't have helped investigation
13:12@skynewsgathererCoroner reminds Supt Broster that he had previously given evidence that investigation was not hampered by SO15's involvement
13:13@skynewsgathererCoroner asking why items were not seized when Supt Broster was told about them in 2011
13:14@skynewsgathererSupt says he could not attribute items as having been used by Gareth. Despite inventory listed as "content of Gareth's tray"
13:16@skynewsgatherer"If this had been given to you by any other type of agency you would have seized it," asks coroner
13:17@skynewsgatherer"I am suggesting that you are not being completely impartial in this case" says Coroner. "I am completely impartial" says Broster
13:18@skynewsgatherer"In hindsight it's something that SO15 could have done," says Broster when asked if SO15 should have examined memory sticks
13:19@skynewsgatherer"It seems DCI Sebire has been relying on communications with the agencies on you," says Coroner
13:19@skynewsgathererSupt Broster says that he passed all relevant information on to murder squad team
13:22@skynewsgathererSupt Broster, of Met's counter terror team, says he is impartial despite allowing MI6 to examine memory sticks
13:34@skynewsgathererSupt Broster: "I am not saying a member of SIS isn't involved. I don't know. It might have been SIS, or someone unconnected"
13:40@skynewsgathererSupt Broster says keys found were for the office - he was told this by SIS. He didn't check
13:40@stone_skynewsMore curious evidence this pm from Gareth Williams inquest. Too much to tweet it all but interesting observation now from Police witness..
13:40@stone_skynewsDiscussing why certain items of evidence at MI6 weren't seized, Police officer says Met can't just walk into MI6 & do what they want
13:42@skynewsgathererFamily lawyer:" So if person who killed Gareth is a member if SIS, you don't investigate because SIS is trustworthy?"
13:42@stone_skynewsPolice officer admits that MI6 were left to examine memory sticks to see what was on them. Police never seized the sticks. Gareth Williams
13:46@stone_skynewsCoroner suggests to police witness that he is not an impartial investigator. "an impartial investigator would have seized items themselves"
13:46@skynewsgathererLawyer for SIS says a receipt for hotel bill from Las Vegas was also seized but both Supt Broster and DC Hall had no knowledge of this
13:52@stone_skynewsFamily lawyer asks cop: "so if the person who killed Gareth Williams was a member of SIS (MI6) you would do nothing to investigate because.
13:52@stone_skynews... you believed that organisation to be trustworthy?" Cop says don't put words into my mouth. He insists MI6 have been fully cooperative
13:54@skynewsgathererRT @Stone_SkyNews: Family lawyer asks cop: "so if the person who killed Gareth Williams was a member of SIS (MI6) you would do nothing t ..
13:55@skynewsgathererRT @Stone_SkyNews: ... you believed that organisation to be trustworthy?" Cop says don't put words into my mouth. He insists MI6 have be ..
13:58@skynewsgathererInquest adjourned for screens to be put up in court to shield identity of next witness
14:02@skynewsgathererAnonymous witness is being described a SIS D - no further details of who it is yet
14:20@skynewsgathererInquest resumes SIS D is the manager of Gareth's line manager (witness G)
WITNESS: Witness D
14:22@skynewsgathererSIS D's signature was on Gareth's annual leave card. Witness says he would do this if line manager was away
14:24@skynewsgathererWitness D says other than the card there we no other records of leave booked
14:25@skynewsgathererWitness knew Gareth had not been in work and was told that HR had been informed
14:28@skynewsgathererWitness D says he was not passed any specific information as to how to secure Gareth's possessions - but more tape and a note put on cabinet
14:29@skynewsgathererWitnesses D and G were present during police search of cabinet on aug 26 2010
14:30@skynewsgathererWitness, or his colleague, would have opened cabinet for SO15 officers Broster and Hall, inquest told
14:32@skynewsgathererWitness cannot remember if anything was seized from cabinet - he can't remember if iPhone was taken from shelf
14:34@skynewsgathererWitness can't remember if Supt Broster was in room for whole of 55 minute search
14:35@skynewsgathererWitness cannot remember the black bag shown to the court earlier
14:37@skynewsgathererWitness was also at subsequent search on 27th
14:43@skynewsgathererFamily lawyer now asking questions. Witness says cabinet was locked on Aug 26 but didn't have any additional seals on it
14:44@skynewsgathererFamily lawyer asking whether items from other colleagues were removed. They were not
14:46@skynewsgathererWitness says it's possible cabinet could have been opened by SIS when police were not present
14:48@skynewsgathererMet police lawyer now asking questions. Witness says no notes were taken at time and has only just been asked to recall events
14:49@skynewsgathererWitness was only asked for his account of events yesterday and admits his recollection is "hazy"
14:51@skynewsgathererScreens now being removed. Coroner still expects to complete all evidence today
15:08@skynewsgathererPolice have requested that exhibits presented before coroner are not released to the media as DCI has only just seen them
15:09@skynewsgathererStatement now from GCHQ team leader, who was point of contact for SO15
STATEMENT: GCHQ team leader
15:15@skynewsgathererDCI Jackie Sebire, now recalled. She is the SIO for the murder enquiry into death of Gareth Williams
WITNESS: Jackie Sebire
15:17@skynewsgathererDCI asked if any of Gareth's footprints were found on tiles in bathroom after watching expert witness try to get into bag in bath
15:17@skynewsgathererNo footprints were found other than on the floor, inquest told
15:18@skynewsgatherer2 detectives from SO15 went to Las Vegas to trace Gareth's last movements. Nothing was raised with enquiry team
15:20@skynewsgathererDCI confirms that Gareth's finances were key line of enquiry but no unusual entries to his four accounts
15:20@skynewsgathererReceipts and bank statements showed purchase of expensive women's clothes but no unusual deposits or withdrawals
15:22@skynewsgathererCoroner asks Gareth's sister or shoe size. It is 6.5. (similar to shoes found in Gareth's flat)
15:25@skynewsgathererWhen asked about phone found in Gareth's flat - DCI says no calls were made on phone before Gareth's death
15:25@skynewsgathererThis phone had been restored to factory settings - no data was found with the network provider
15:27@skynewsgathererDCI says in an ideal world she would have liked to have had 'primary access to' all the material gathered from Gareth's work
15:28@skynewsgathererDCI says investigation has never been classified as a murder enquiry - it's a suspicious death
15:29@skynewsgathererDCI says all lines of enquiry will be relooked at following new information which has come out during inquest
15:29@skynewsgathererDCI Sebire says after hearing all the evidence she still regards Gareth Williams' death as suspicious
15:30@skynewsgathererDCI says enquiries are still ongoing and won't stop until answers found
15:32@skynewsgathererDCI looked into how someone could covertly enter Gareth's flat without keys - says someone could put arm through letter box
15:32@skynewsgathererDCI says two bag experts used by police were independent of each other and only met at court last week
15:36@skynewsgathererDCI says SIS officers we always interviewed with a lawyer or HR manager present
15:40@skynewsgathererDCI says she got witness statements from some people but not anonymous witnesses - she thought this was policy decision made by Supt Broster
15:42@skynewsgathererDCI confirms that over a 2 year period there were only 4 days when Gareth looked up bondage sites
15:44@skynewsgathererThere appears to be coincidence of use of bondage sites with application for secondment and course, says family lawyer
15:45@skynewsgathererDCI says she looked at coincidence and asked Supt Broster to look into whether courses included methods of escape
15:46@skynewsgathererDCI couldn't establish if Gareth had visited gay bars in Vauxhall
15:48@skynewsgathererDCI says she has seen first hand distress caused to family and team about leaks of information to media
15:49@skynewsgathererInformation appeared in press that DCI Sebire's team didn't even know about, she tells inquest
15:50@skynewsgathererDCI says her team felt very strongly that they didn't want enquiry prejudiced in any way
15:50@skynewsgathererDCI says practically every line of enquiry from public was followed up
15:52@skynewsgathererDCI says that while exhibits officers were at flat the boiler kicked in 3 times to turn the heating and water on (in August)
15:53@skynewsgathererFamily lawyer asking if heating could have speeded decomposition of body
15:55@skynewsgathererDCI says she can't answer question about whether previous tenants in Gareth's flat did the same work
15:56@skynewsgathererDCI also says she can't say how many employees of GCHQ/SIS have given DNA samples to investigating team
15:57@skynewsgathererDCI: "We have a lot more telephone and computer work, all evidence from inquest will be looked at.. Plus info from work colleagues"
15:58@skynewsgathererDCI says it's a decision for her boss as to whether she will continue to be the SIO on the case
15:59@skynewsgathererDCI says had SIS reported Gareth missing earlier in the day it would have made a difference as more resources available
16:03@skynewsgathererDCI says she strongly believes 3rd party was involved in Gareth's death and urges people to "search their consciences"
16:07@skynewsgathererAll evidence now concluded in inquest into Gareth Williams death. Coroner will deliver verdict tomorrow after legal submissions
END OF SESSION 14. Tuesday Afternoon, May 1, 2012

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