Session 10. Friday Afternoon, April 27, 2012

SESSION 10. Friday Afternoon, April 27, 2012
14:41@tomskynewsInquest hears laptop belonging to Gareth Williams accessed Wikipedia page about bondage and had stored electronic images of a drag queen
14:50@skynewsgathererBack at inquest. Witness is DC Robert Burrows who examined Gareth's phones
WITNESS: Robert Burrows
14:55@skynewsgathererThere were no signs phone had been called on 17th Aug. (MI6 said they had tried to contact Gareth when he failed to show for work)
14:56@skynewsgathererPhone most used by Gareth was discovered in cabinet in living room. Again no calls made to it on 17+20 Aug
14:58@skynewsgathererWitness corrects himself and says 3 calls made to that number - all from intelligence services on 20th. None on 17th
15:04@skynewsgathererGareth accessed fetish clothing websites on one of his iPhones on Sept 15 2009
15:05@skynewsgathererA couple of days later he looked up a different fetish clothing website
15:06@skynewsgathererGareth only looked at a few fetish pages which made up 2% of browsing history. He mostly looked at cycling, weather, IT and fashion
15:08@skynewsgathererIn Oct 2009 there were multiple hits on 'self bondage' and fetish clothing websites on Gareth's phone
15:09@skynewsgathererDeleted data from a different phone shows Gareth looked up a different self bondage website
15:10@skynewsgathererBrowsing on Gareth's main phone shows that on aug 13 2010 a fetish clothing website was accessed
15:12@skynewsgathererOn work iPhone there was a link to a photo of model wrapped in plastic with vacuum cleaner sucking air out of plastic
15:12@skynewsgathererExpert says that there were no photos involving bags, but one of someone tied to bed
15:15@skynewsgathererImage found on one phone of someone who appears to be Gareth naked apart from pair of leather boots
15:17@skynewsgathererExpert says the browsing of bondage and fetish sites is inconsistent. The last sites accessed were from a cycling club
15:19@skynewsgathererOne iPhone found had been restored to factory settings, the phone was backed up on Aug 15. Can't say when wiped
15:21@skynewsgathererFamily lawyer asking if any correlation between Gareth looking at fetish sites and when Gareth was on SIS course
15:22@skynewsgathererExpert admits access to fetish sites are 'out of character' when compared to general browsing
15:25@skynewsgathererWitness on phone evidence has now finished. Statement now from Gareth's line manager at GCHQ
WITNESS: Gareth's line manager at GCHQ
15:28@skynewsgathererLine manager says Gareth seemed happy the last time he spoke with him
15:31@skynewsgathererInquest told that pathologists will give evidence on Monday
15:33@skynewsgathererInquest into death of Gareth Williams adjourned until 0930 Monday
15:37@tomskynewsInquest into death of MI6 officer Gareth Williams over now til Monday - report coming up on @skynews
15:39@skynewsgathererCoroner says verdict in Gareth Williams inquest expected on Wednesday
END OF SESSION 10. Friday Afternoon, April 27, 2012

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