Session 6. Wednesday Afternoon, April 25, 2012

SESSION 6. Wednesday Afternoon, April 25, 2012
12:37@skynewsgathererInquest into death of Gareth Williams delayed until 2.15pm
13:16@skynewsgathererFurther delays - Inquest into death of Gareth Williams is now being held in private
13:33@skynewsgathererHave been allowed back into the media annexe. Large blue scenes across the whole of the court
13:36@skynewsgathererScreens protecting the identity of the first witness from MI6. S/he has been referred to only as 'K'
WITNESS: Witness K
13:39@skynewsgathererCoroner apologies for delays and says 'a lot of work has been done'
13:40@skynewsgathererWitness K worked with Gareth Williams in Cheltenham. He last saw him on a work trip to a conference in Las Vegas
13:41@skynewsgathererThey would spend the days at the conference, and on a couple of evenings when they went out
13:41@skynewsgathererWitness K said he didn't know Gareth Williams very well and only knew him in a work capacity
13:42@skynewsgathererMost of the workmates would go out every night. Gareth only went out twice
13:44@skynewsgathererGareth told 'K' he was going to stay on in the USA to do some hiking and climbing. K didn't notice anything unusual about behaviour
13:48@skynewsgathererK was due to have a work meeting with Gareth on August 20 2010. It was confirmed in last email exchange on Aug 13
13:49@skynewsgathererK waited a while but then another colleague suggested they should try ring the numbers they had for Gareth
13:51@skynewsgathererThe meeting was 3 days before police were alerted by his family that Gareth was missing
13:53@skynewsgathererK wasn't aware that Gareth had not been in work all week
13:55@skynewsgathererK made two statements to the police but was never asked to check and sign the copies they drafted
13:56@skynewsgathererK says that whilst seconded to MI6 Gareth would have been on a higher pay scale
13:58@skynewsgathererK waited around 2 hours for Gareth, and left it with his colleague that Gareth had not turned up for the meeting
13:59@skynewsgathererInquest hears that Gareth was a member of a four man team. K got no explanation as to where Gareth was
14:02@stone_skynewsThe Gareth Williams inquest is now hearing from Witness K - a work colleague of his from GCHQ in Cheltenham. He had been due to meet him
14:02@stone_skynewsWitness K says that he came to London for meeting with Gareth Williams on 20/8/10 @ MI6 HQ. Gareth didn't turn up. Was found dead on 23/8/10
14:03@skynewsgathererK says it was unexpected that Gareth had not turned but - but that sometimes 'people don't turn up for meetings'
14:04@skynewsgathererWhen K returned to Cheltenham he let his line manager know that Gareth had failed to turn up
14:10@skynewsgathererWitness F now called. He worked at GCHQ and had been given Gareth's number about a flat
WITNESS: Witness F
14:12@skynewsgathererF called Gareth on Aug 12 on the internal work phone system and arranged to meet him on Aug 16th at 7pm
14:15@skynewsgathererF arrived late to view Gareth's flat after getting the address wrong. He pressed the buzzer but no response
14:16@skynewsgathererCommunal door was on the latch so F pushed it open and went to Gareth's front door. There was no response
14:18@skynewsgathererF assumed he had arrived too late and wrote Gareth a note on a flyer. He tried to contact Gareth the next day
14:20@skynewsgathererF made further attempts to contact Gareth and called his supervisor - thought to be witness G
14:24@skynewsgathererFamily barrister now questioning witness. Confirms again that statements in 2010 were not written and signed
14:28@skynewsgathererSo MI6 aware that Gareth had missed 2 meetings (16&20Aug) with GCHQ staff - his body not found til family reported him missing
14:36@skynewsgathererWitness G now giving evidence. He had been Gareth's manager at SIS since August 2009
WITNESS: Witness G
14:39@skynewsgathererG managed Gareth's day to day tasks at SIS but Gareth still had a boss at GCHQ
14:40@skynewsgathererG explaining that he worked with Gareth and 2 others as a team. They all worked in a small office
14:42@skynewsgathererThe team worked in a flexible way with each member looking after their own tasks. Work described as being 'irregular'
14:44@skynewsgathererG says that Gareth was able to work 'operationally' and had performed some operational duties including one trip abroad - to USA
14:46@skynewsgathererTrip to US described as a wind down from SIS work and more in preparation for return to GCHQ in Cheltenham
14:49@skynewsgathererGareth's boss describes him as a quiet intellectual, a very private person. The team used to go out but Gareth rarely did
14:50@skynewsgathererG knew little about Gareth outside work apart from their shared interest in running and cycling
14:53@skynewsgathererG said there were no indication that Gareth was not happy at work apart from that he had failed a test, which he later passed
14:54@skynewsgathererG says Gareth was frustrated with the amount of 'risk mitigation' and paperwork associated with operational duties
14:55@skynewsgathererG says Gareth was good at the technical side of the job and wanted to get back to it
14:58@skynewsgathererG says that he could have been in the office on August 13 with Gareth but doesn't remember seeing him
15:01@skynewsgathererQ: 'Did Gareth ever not turn up for work when he was expected to do so?' A: No
15:02@skynewsgathererG not concerned when Gareth didn't show by 10am - but thought he had had trouble with the trains
15:03@skynewsgathererGareth had never failed to show up before - even when he had been late
15:04@skynewsgathererOn 3pm Aug 16 Gareth had a meeting with another colleague, inquest hears (That's now 3 missed meetings)
15:06@skynewsgathererCoroner: 'If I didn't turn up for my job people would have wondered where I was'
15:07@skynewsgathererG said he took no action. In hindsight he said he should have taken more action and 'escalated it.'
15:09@skynewsgathererQ: What action did you take? A: I made some calls to his landline
15:09@skynewsgathererWhen G didn't get answer he thought that Gareth must have been packing. He didn't check with GCHQ. Says in hindsight he should have done
15:12@skynewsgathererAppears that even though Gareth had failed to turn up at work his boss at MI6 did not try to contact his family or friends
15:13@skynewsgathererG checked if Gareth was logged on to the work system to see if he was logged in on Aug 17
15:14@skynewsgathererQ: Did that raise or lower your concern? A: It didn't change my concern
15:15@skynewsgathererG says his thoughts were that Gareth had forgotten to tell him he would be out the officer - or that he had told him and he had forgotten
15:16@skynewsgathererG then went on operations and was out of the office. He didn't pass details of Gareth's absence on to anyone
15:17@skynewsgathererG back at work on 23rd and Gareth was still not in the office. He tried phone but no response. So he visited his flat
15:20@skynewsgathererG visited Gareth's flat on his why out. He only pressed flat 4 buzzer and didnt try the neighbours
15:21@skynewsgathererQ: Did you seek any advice on what you should do? A: Yes, I got a list of suggested actions
15:22@skynewsgathererThese actions including leaving a note, ringing the phone and contacting local hospitals. G did not contact the hospitals
15:23@skynewsgathererG did not try to contact Gareth over the weekend. (apologises flat visit was 20th not 23rd)
15:24@skynewsgathererG expected Gareth to just turn up at work on Monday morning. He admits it was just a gut feeling and he had no evidence
15:25@skynewsgathererIt was only when Gareth didn't show up on Monday that G became worried. He went round to his flat at 10.30 but didn't get in
15:26@skynewsgathererG then reported Gareth missing to his line manager and GCHQ. He also looked for a spare set of keys for Gareth's flat
15:27@skynewsgathererAppears it took Gareth's boss at MI6 a WEEK to report him missing
15:28@skynewsgathererG then called Gareth's sister Ceri after first trying to contact his father. This was now the afternoon of 23rd
15:36@skynewsgathererThe risk to SIS staff working out of London was low, inquest told
15:37@skynewsgathererAgain witness G was not asked by police to witness and sign written statement taken at time when events were fresh in memory
15:41@skynewsgathererDuring questions from family lawyer G admits he had never had a day off sick and never missed a meeting
15:51@skynewsgathererWitness G says he can't remember, which or how many numbers, he tried for Gareth
15:57@skynewsgathererG says in hindsight he should have told someone about Gareth's absence before he had a day off
16:06@skynewsgatherer'You hadn't seen Gareth for a week. Had no communication... why didn't you just break in?' Asks family lawyer
16:08@skynewsgatherer'What concerns the family is that Gareth was in a profession in which there are risks,' says lawyer
16:08@skynewsgathererG: 'There is nothing to indicate that Gareth was at risk at that time.'
16:14@skynewsgathererG says he doesn't know if anyone from SIS/GCHQ entered flat between 16+23 aug?
16:15@skynewsgathererWhen asked if he had acted as a responsible manager G says that in hindsight he would have done things differently
16:16@skynewsgathererG says corporate procedure is in place and was in 2010 for someone going missing. He can't remember what it is
16:17@skynewsgathererFamily lawyer says that given the circumstances it should be tattooed on his heart
16:23@skynewsgathererEnd of fascinating 3rd day of evidence in inquest into death of Gareth Williams. More SIS staff tomorrow
END OF SESSION 6. Wednesday Afternoon, April 25, 2012

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