Session 3. Tuesday Morning, April 24, 2012

SESSION 3. Tuesday Morning, April 24, 2012
7:43@skynewsgathererBack to inquest of Gareth Williams this morning with @skymartinbrunt and @Stone_SkyNews. More on @SkyNews
8:03@skymartinbruntBack at MI6 spy in bag inquest. Expecting to hear from top cop. With @skynewsgatherer and #Stone_Sky News
8:41@skynewsgathererStart of inquest in to death of Gareth Williams running late. First witness today is expected to be DCI Jackie Sebire
8:53@stone_skynewsBack at the inquest into death of GCHQ code breaker Gareth Williams - will hear today from a close friend of his & top cop on investigation
8:55@skymartinbruntUnexplained delay so far
9:06@skynewsgathererInquest into death of Gareth Williams is about to get underway
9:08@skymartinbruntCoroner bans court artists from drawing in court or the media annexe
9:08@skynewsgathererCoroner has denied a request from court artists to be able to draw in court
9:10@skymartinbruntFamily of Gareth Williams and MI6 objected to court artists drawing in court
9:13@skymartinbruntCoroner says she has not seen the report based on MI6 internal investigation which it shared with police
9:14@skymartinbruntMI6 and GCHQ say they did no external investigation into Mr Williams death
9:15@skynewsgathererInquest adjourned after Gareth's mother becomes upset and leaves court. Coroner says all parties have a right to hear proceedings
9:16@skymartinbruntBBC about to challenge coroner's ban on court artists drawing in court. They are not allowed to do so in criminal cases
9:20@skymartinbruntCourt adjourned briefly says coroner to allow Mr Williams ' mother Ellen to "calm down." Mrs Williams appeared very distressed
9:20@stone_skynewsThe inquest into Gareth Williams death is naturally difficult for his family. His mother just left the room, visibly upset. Inquest paused
9:25@skymartinbruntFamily's lawyer attacks media for delaying hearing by arguing for court artists to draw in court. Mrs Williams not in court
9:27@skymartinbruntFamily's lawyer says family has nursed grief and kept away from media for 20 months and want to get on with hearing
9:28@skymartinbruntCoroner confirms no court artists working in courtroom because of family's severe distress and clear grief
9:30@skynewsgathererFirst witness of Gareth Williams inquest now giving evidence. It's DCI Jackie Sebire
WITNESS: Jackie Sebire
9:31@skymartinbruntDet Chief Insp Jackie Sebire explains how she and her murder team were called the night Mr Williams died
9:32@stone_skynewsInquest resumes: Gareth Williams mother left court because upset by delays while issues over media coverage / court artists are discussed
9:32@stone_skynewsA difficult balance at Gareth Williams inquest: strong desire for transparency but must be balanced w/ privacy & secrecy considerations
9:34@stone_skynewsMy colleagues @skynewsgatherer and @skymartinbrunt are tweeting at Gareth Williams inquest too. Worth a follow. More at
9:35@skynewsgathererDCI describing how cordons were set up around the crime scene says SO15 were informed as they deal with all cases involving SIS
9:35@skymartinbruntSebire says counter terror cops alerted because they deal with all matters involving intelligence agencies
9:36@skynewsgathererDCI tells inquest her job was to task all specialist officers
9:37@skymartinbruntSebire says head of homicide also informed. Police knew it involved a spy but didn't immediately know his identity
9:38@skynewsgathererInquest hears that a DS Quinn had control of the crime scene - even though there were higher ranking counter terror officers there
9:43@skynewsgatherer'It was my scene and no one was allowed in there without my authorising it - or the crime scene manager' DCI tells inquest
9:45@skynewsgathererPolice log shows who entered the crime scene and whether they we wearing protective clothing
9:46@skynewsgathererTwo officers went into the block of flats without protective clothing - but they were only interviewing neighbours and didn't go in flat 4
9:48@skynewsgathererInquest now going through log for who entered crime scene on 24 August 2010
9:49@skynewsgathererDCI said that no one could go into crime scene until she got there. Even the crime scene manager
9:54@skymartinbruntSebire says she doesn't know why crime scene logs don't show if certain cops went into the building
9:59@skynewsgathererAll the people logged going in and out of the crime scene were known to DCI Sebire
10:02@skynewsgathererOne officer from SO15 (counter terrorism) went in to crime scene after getting permission on 23rd, inquest hears
10:03@skynewsgathererNo one from GCHQ or MI6 entered the crime scene according DCI Sebire
10:03@skymartinbruntSebire says no one went into flat without her permission
10:04@skynewsgathererDCI says a new front door, with new locks and an alarm, was put on the flat to protect it from anyone trying to get in
10:05@skymartinbruntPolice replaced front door and new alarm to stop Press or others trying to get in
10:05@stone_skynewsCourt artists have been banned from the Gareth Williams inquest. Coroner says it would be distracting to her & family. Open court tensions
10:06@stone_skynewsBanning artists in Gareth Williams inquest b/c they'd 'distract' is odd: they don't draw in court. They sit, they memorise then LEAVE & draw
10:06@skynewsgathererDCI tells inquest that whilst on holiday Gareth Williams had popped into London office and gone shopping in Knightsbridge
10:08@skymartinbruntMr Williams went shopping mover several days when returning from US work/hold trip 12 days before Death
10:09@skynewsgathererOn August 13th Gareth Williams went to drag show in Bethnal Green
10:10@skynewsgathererInquest being shown CCTV of Gareth Williams going into Harrods on August 15. He bought cakes
10:11@skynewsgathererPolice say he was 'alone, not being followed and relaxed'
10:13@skynewsgathererCCTV then captured Gareth Williams buying steaks in Waitrose
10:14@stone_skynewsCourt at Gareth Williams inquest now being shown CCTV of his last known movements. Shopping in Knightsbridge on 15/8/10
10:14@skymartinbrunta dozen brief CCTV cops show Mr Williams out shopping in Knightsbridge and awaking home 8 days before his death
10:15@skynewsgathererGareth Williams can be seen walking home at 1503 on August 15 after spending the day shopping. He's wearing beige trousers and red top
10:15@skymartinbruntSebire says no evidence he was being followed that day
10:16@stone_skynewsCourt hears that Gareth Williams visited a comedy & drag show - The Jonny Woo Experience - in Soho on 12/8/10 alone
10:17@skynewsgathererInquest now being shown a video of the crime scene
EVIDENCE: video of the scene
10:17@skymartinbruntCorrection, eight days before body discovered
10:18@skymartinbruntMr Williams due back to work the next day 26 Aug but alarm not raised till 23 aug when body found
10:18@skynewsgathererPictures start at the black front door with checkered black and white floor tiles. Officer stands guard at the front
10:19@skynewsgathererIt's a communal front door. Black squares can be seen on the floor which have been put down by SOCO to prevent contamination
10:19@skynewsgathererFront door to flat 4 is open with keys still in the door
10:19@skymartinbruntVideo of his flat now bing shown
10:21@skynewsgathererThere are no signs of forced entry to the flat. Stairs lead straight up from front door. First door leads to store room
10:22@skynewsgathererStore room contained Atom racing bike and cycling equipment
10:23@skynewsgathererAnother flight of stairs leads to the living room and the kitchen. The oven door was open. Flat is very sparse and tidy
10:24@skynewsgathererThere was just a kettle and toaster on counter. Food he bought from Waitrose was still in fridge
10:25@stone_skynewsWe're being shown police video now of the inside of Gareth Williams Pimlico flat as it was when body found. Flat is immaculately tidy
10:26@skymartinbruntBright orange wig seen hanging on back of chair in living room
10:27@skynewsgathererIn living room there's an orange wig, books, drawings, shoes. The red t shirt he was wearing in CCTV was on clothes maiden
10:28@skymartinbruntWashing hanging in living room
10:28@stone_skynewsIn living room of flat is the wig that's been reported about - interesting to see it finally: looks like a fancy-dress wig - shocking pink
10:29@skymartinbruntNewspaper cutting "Top 5 Regrets of the Dying"
10:29@skynewsgathererThere was also a newspaper article by a nurse called 'Top 5 regrets of the dying'
10:29@stone_skynewsIn living room of flat is the wig that's been reported about - interesting to see it finally: looks like a fancy-dress wig - shocking orange
10:32@skymartinbruntArticle says regrets include "I wish I had courage to live a life true to myself"
10:32@skynewsgathererThere was also a note saying that someone had called at flat at 1930 on August 16th but no one had answered
10:33@skymartinbruntAnother regret listed in article: "I wish I had courage to express my feelings"
10:33@skynewsgathererOn the sofa there was a lipstick and Mac foundation. A receipt showed the foundation was bought at Harvey Nichols
10:35@skynewsgathererVideo shows very clean tidy bathroom. No shampoo bottles etc
10:36@skynewsgathererIn Gareth Williams flat there was also a laptop and phone which were examined by police
10:37@skymartinbruntIn spare bedroom were two big North Fce sports hold ally's like the one in which his body was dound
10:37@skynewsgathererIn back bedroom there were two stacked North Face yellow hold alls. Clothes and bedding neatly folded on the bed
10:38@stone_skynewsIn back bedroom are two of the North Face holdalls similar to the one Gareth Williams body was found in in bathroom
10:38@skynewsgathererIn main bedroom there was a crumpled bathrobe on the floor. The duvet was also on the floor yet very neat folded clothes on bed
10:39@stone_skynewsIn main bedroom, bed clothes are strewn on the floor with bathrobe, but clothes neatly on bed. Coroner remarks that it looks incongruous
10:39@skynewsgathererDCI admits that the duvet on the floor and neat clothes on the bed look odd
10:40@skynewsgathererThere was also a crumpled white shirt on the floor near the wardrobe. It looks like it's fallen out - still on hanger
10:40@skymartinbruntIn his bedroom are folded clothes on bed but bathrobe and duvet cover on floor
10:40@skynewsgathererVideo now showing en suite bathroom with red North Face hold all in the bath
10:42@skynewsgathererShower screen is in place. The bag was where officers had found it. The bag is zipped shut and locked with small padlock
10:42@skymartinbruntVideo shows padlocked bag in bath where Mr Williams body was found
10:44@skynewsgathererA 15mm cut has been made in the bag - made by police officers. A 15mm Yale padlock had been used to lock bag
10:45@skynewsgathererInquest hears how the lock would have had to have been twisted to get through two eyelets of zip and closed
10:46@skymartinbruntGraffix shows how two zip eyelets have to be drawn together before padlock bar slipped thru both and then turned and pushed locked
10:46@stone_skynewsInquest now shown video footage of the red North Face holdall in bath with Gareth Williams body inside. Holdall is locked from outside
10:46@skynewsgathererPadlocks were the same as other padlocks found in the flat. They were made in 2008 and sold in packs of four
10:46@stone_skynewsThe holdall looks like one I've attached. It is locked with Yale padlock from outside - zip eyelets linked and locked.
10:47@skymartinbruntSebire says it would be very difficult to do that locking movement
10:49@skynewsgathererIt looks like socks paired up and folded on the bed - strange scene given duvet cover was crumpled on floor
10:50@skynewsgathererVideo exiting the flat shows a pan on the stairs
10:51@skynewsgathererThe door of the flat was taken away for examination - no evidence that the locks had been tampered with
10:51@skymartinbruntSebire says difficult to explain why clothes neatly folded but duvet and bathrobe crumpled on bedroom floor
10:51@skynewsgathererInquest adjourning for 15 minute break
11:08@skynewsgathererIncredible amount of security at Gareth Williams inquest. Just been stopped and questioned going to the loo
11:16@skymartinbruntSebire says no evidence of forced entry into flat
11:17@skynewsgathererInquest into death of Gareth Williams resumes
11:20@skymartinbruntSpot of old blood from Mr Williams on flat carpet
11:20@skynewsgathererInquest being shown 3d graphics of lay out of flat. Spot of blood from Gareth found on floor outside kitchen
11:21@skynewsgathererThe cream cakes in Harrods box bought by Gareth on August 15 were found in the kitchen
11:22@skymartinbrunt2 footprints that couldn't be identified on kitchen floor
11:22@skynewsgathererThe kitchen was very clean. No prints found on the grill pan. Tea towel still being analysed, says DCI
11:25@skynewsgathererTrousers and a pair of Gareth's underpants found in the living room. 26 pairs shoes, only 4 used, were found in bedroom. Size 6
11:26@skynewsgathererClothing found in back bedroom was 'immaculate' and still in tissue paper says DCI
11:26@skymartinbruntSports bags had 26 pairs of women's shoes in mr Williams size 6 size
11:28@skymartinbruntLots of high value female clothes and Stella McCartney shoes found in holdalls
11:28@skymartinbruntCops Ali found pairs of high heel black patent boots
11:28@stone_skynewsThe Gareth Williams inquest now being told about £20,000 worth of women's clothing found in his flat. 26 pairs of new shoes. Size 6-6.5
11:28@stone_skynewsCoroner asks is size of women's shoes found in flat is same/similar to Gareth Williams shoe size. Witness (Met officer) says yes
11:29@skynewsgathererUnused nail varnish, wigs, make up and shoes by Stella McCartney, Chloe, Dior and Louboutin all found in boxes in back bedroom
11:30@skynewsgathererAll shoes were Williams' size and clothes looked like they would have fitted him says DCI
11:31@skynewsgathererClothes found would have cost 20k. One pair of shoes cost 1000 pounds
11:31@skymartinbruntClothes worth £20,000. Several wigs. Clothes all small or medium. He bought one wig on recent US trip
11:31@skynewsgathererThe orange wig found in living room was bought by Gareth Williams when he visited America
11:31@stone_skynews"Extensive high value collection [of clothes] in my opinion." says witness DCI Jackie Sebire. 1 pair of shoes was £1000. Mostly unworn
11:32@skynewsgathererSmall blood spot and semen found on bathrobe belonging to Gareth Williams
11:34@skynewsgathererSmall locked cash box found in bedside cabinet. It contained receipts and the keys to padlocks found on hold alls, which contained clothes
11:34@skymartinbruntReceipts showed he had been buying women's clothes for two years
11:35@skynewsgathererReceipts showed Gareth Williams had been buying women's clothes since 2008
11:37@skynewsgathererSemen from Gareth Williams found in the en suite bathroom but no other DNA. There are no finger prints on lower tiles above bath
11:39@skynewsgathererDCI Sebire says she would have expected to find Gareth's prints on lower tiles if he had lent on them to balance getting into bag
11:39@skymartinbruntSebire thought from early on that someone else was involved in his death
11:40@skynewsgathererGareth Williams was found naked in the bag. His legs were folded up to his chest
11:40@skynewsgatherer'His face was very calm. His hands were laying on his chest' says DCI
11:41@stone_skynewsInquest now shown computer generated graphic showing position of Gareth Williams inside NorthFace bag. Foetal position. No struggle sign
11:41@skynewsgathererThere were no injuries to nails or fingers as if he had been trying to get out. There were no signs of stress on the bag
11:42@skynewsgathererInquest shown laser scan imagine of how Gareth Williams was found in the bag
11:43@skymartinbruntSebire believes he did not try to get out of the bag
11:43@skynewsgathererInquest hears how Gareth Williams was a very fit man, the flat would have been very hot in August 2010
11:43@stone_skynewsNo sign of struggle to get out of bag. No marks inside bag suggesting attempt to escape. No signs of distress on Gareth Williams body
11:45@skymartinbruntTwo keys that cld have opened bag were lying under his buttock
11:45@stone_skynewsDCI Jackie Sebire was the senior officer at Gareth Williams scene. She is talking through the investigation & her observations / opinions
11:46@skynewsgathererExample of the bag shown to the inquest. Actual bag used was a base camp duffle XL and made up to 2006
11:47@skymartinbruntSebire says it would have been very hot and incredibly uncomfortable inside the bag
11:48@skynewsgathererPolice say they have tested the bag and it would be very difficult to 'manipulate' the bag from the inside
11:48@stone_skynewsThe coroner is now being shown bag identical to the 1 Gareth Williams was found inside. She observes its sturdiness.
11:50@skymartinbruntCoroner examines replica bag and has trouble lining up zips to lock it from outside
11:51@skynewsgathererWeak blood stains from Gareth Williams were found on handles of the bag
11:52@skymartinbruntWeak blood stains from mr Wiliams on bag handles
11:54@skymartinbruntSmall components of another persons DNA found on bag
11:56@skynewsgathererSmall components of another person's DNA found on bag - inquest will hear more later from DNA experts
11:56@stone_skynewsPolice witness reveals that "small components of another contributors DNA found on padlock of bag" containing Gareth Williams body
11:57@skynewsgathererGareth was described as a very private man - his two best friends had not even visited his home, says police
12:00@skynewsgathererLast time Gareth Williams was known to be alive was at 1am on August 16. He had been looking at website about cycling
12:02@skynewsgathererDCI clears up speculation an Italian family had access to flat - says it was a mistake and they had gone to wrong door
12:03@skynewsgathererInquest into death of Gareth Williams breaks for lunch. Back at 1400
12:03@stone_skynewsThe last time Police say they know Gareth Williams was alive was 1am on 16/8/10 when he checked a cycling website. He was found dead on 23/8/10
END OF SESSION 3. Tuesday Morning, April 24, 2012

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