Session 4. Tuesday Afternoon, April 24, 2012

SESSION 4. Tuesday Afternoon, April 24, 2012
WITNESS: Jackie Sebire
13:57@skynewsgathererDCI says more than 200 witnesses were interviewed. Case deemed a category A enquiry. The same as Soham murders, inquest told
14:00@skynewsgatherer'The heart of the case was whether Gareth could have locked himself in that bag' says DCI Sebire
14:02@skynewsgathererAround 50-60 officers were working on the case each day for the first week, DCI Sebire tells inquest
14:03@skynewsgathererDCI: 'Forensics were a keen line of enquiry. We went above and beyond. I have tried to do everything I can to understand what happened'
14:06@skynewsgathererDCI Sebire has finished giving evidence and returned to sit at the back of the court. Next witness is Sian Jones
WITNESS: Sian Lloyd-Jones
14:08@skynewsgathererMs Jones was friends with Gareth Williams in primary and secondary school. They lost touch then became friends years later
14:09@skynewsgathererThe pair would see each other every other day. She described them as close friends - just friends
14:10@skynewsgathererMs Jones describes them as 'childhood sweethearts' and that Gareth was very fond of her
14:12@skynewsgathererCoroner had asked whether Gareth was 'in love' with Ms Jones
14:12@skynewsgathererThe pair would often meet in cafes around the Knightsbridge area
14:14@skynewsgathererMs Jones describes Gareth as 'kind hearted person, very inspiring to be around.'
14:15@skynewsgathererGareth Williams was interested in walking, cycling, climbing and music - his hobbies took up most of his time
14:15@skynewsgathererMs Jones says that she didn't think Gareth had very many friends
14:16@skynewsgathererMs Jones says that she would 'strongly' say that Gareth had no interest in cross-dressing. Inquest earlier heard he had been to drag night
14:17@skynewsgathererMs Jones not surprised at the amount of women's clothes at flat. Says Gareth was very generous and bought her expensive gifts
14:18@skynewsgathererGareth never bought shoes for Ms Jones. Her feet are size 3. The 26 pairs at flat were size 6
14:21@skynewsgathererGareth helped Ms Jones a few times with her job as a stylist. He would help her find items of clothes etc
14:22@skynewsgathererExamples of gifts to Ms Jones included a Mulberry bag - ' the list is endless' she tells inquest
14:24@skynewsgathererMs Jones says the size six shoes could have been for his sister
14:26@skynewsgathererMs Jones says she was not aware that Gareth had taken fashion courses - but says it doesn't surprise her as he had interest in design
14:26@skynewsgathererMs Jones says if Gareth had been a transvestite he would have felt he could tell her
14:28@skynewsgathererMs Jones said that Gareth could mix with other people but kept himself to himself. She saw no hint of cross-dressing
14:31@skynewsgathererMs Jones knew that Gareth worked a GCHQ and MI6 but he never spoke about his work
14:33@skynewsgathererAfter Ms Jones left London they spoke a few times a month and he visited her once in Wales
14:38@skynewsgathererMs Jones never visited Gareth's home in Cheltenham or London
14:41@skynewsgathererMs Jones says that the clothes would have fitted her or someone her size - she said photos showed them too small for Gareth
14:43@skynewsgathererInquest hears that Gareth and another friend had been to fancy dress party of Japanese super heroes
14:44@skynewsgathererAccording to inquest Japanese superheroes wear bright wigs
14:44@skynewsgathererInquest now adjourned for ten minutes
14:46@stone_skynewsFascinating testimony this pm about Gareth Williams from one of his closest friends - Sian Jones. "We were very close" but "just friends"
14:47@stone_skynewsSian Jones asked about suggestions that Gareth Williams was interested in transvestites. "I would say strongly no, not at all." she says
14:47@stone_skynewsSian Jones is asked about the £20,000 of women's clothes found in Gareth Williams flat. She said they didn't surprise her. He was generous
14:47@stone_skynewsSian Jones: Gareth Williams "was a very generous person. He used to buy me alot of gifts.. many were clothing.. many.. very expensive."
14:58@skynewsgathererEvidence is Gareth Williams inquest finished for the day. Proceedings resume at 1600 for legal application
15:47@skynewsgathererApplication by the media for release of crime scene video shown during inquest about to start
15:55@skynewsgathererInquest hears clarification that SIS carried out internal review of duties carried out by Gareth Williams before his death
16:27@skynewsgathererCoroner rules that the Met Police released photos of crime scene not exhibited during inquest
16:33@skynewsgathererCoroner rules that crime scene video can be released to the media
END OF SESSION 4. Tuesday Afternoon, April 24, 2012

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